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Message From: Diane Pickel January 11, 2015
We adopted Our sweetie cocker Sheena from you just about 4 years ago. She eagerly came to us right away and settled right into our home and hearts from the first day. Sadly and sorrowfully we said goodbye to her a few days ago, and it breaks my heart to let go. But she'll always be there, in our hearts. We love her for being there and filling our lives with the special joy only dog friends can give.

Message From: Sarah & Walt Wilson December 7, 2013
We adopted Coco several years ago. She is a loving dog and the sweetest Cocker we have ever owned. Thank you! Coco loves her forever home! Keep up the good work and thank you! Sarah Wilson

Message From: Paige H. September 15, 2012
Hi, I met this wonderful organization today and I hope to continue to donate and hopefully adopt my second cocker from this rescue soon.

Message From: Teri August 24, 2012
We just adopted Darby yesturday. 8/23/12. He is already fitting in really well with our lab Cooper! I am so happy that we got Darby, and Cooper is glad that hes got a friend for life to play with!

Message From: Cheryl February 21, 2012
We adopted Daisy ( chocolate cocker) one year ago. We renamed her Ruby as she is a gem and we already have a Daisy in our house. Ruby is the sweetest Cocker spaniel. She has adjusted so well to our household and looks up to her older sibling Daisy and Pepsi. Beckey and Judy ( Ruby's foster mom) were a great help with insight to Ruby's habits. Ruby loves her fenced backyard and her daliy walks with her Dad. She has become a family memeber right away we couldn't ask for anything more.

Message From: amy travis December 22, 2011
We adopted (Lee) Bentley October of 2009 He is so loved he is the best dog he is so sweet he is a cuddle bug. He was a stray but he fit right into our family & we have a cat & they are the best of friends. Thank you for allowing us to have Bentley be part of our family. He is doing well & is spoiled & he should be.

Message From: Carolyn Mcquigg December 13, 2010
On October 31 we adopted Blake (Badger). He is the most wonderful little guy. My husband and I are both thrilled to have him. He is the most loving, wellbehaved dog that I can imagine. He filled a hole left when our Cocker (Sam) died in July. I realized that you do not ever replace the pet you lose, but you find someone else who needs the love you have to give and is so grateful they give it back to you 10 fold. I would highly suggest that if someone is looking for someone to love that your Rescues are the way to go. Thank You for what you do and the love the Foster Parents (Shannon) in the case give to these poor frightened dogs. They start the healing proccess that we get to finish. Thanks Cockergirl.

Message From: Carrie November 5, 2010
We love Chuck, he has helped heal my heart from the loss of my Leo, and given me a sweetheart to give all my love to! It is like he always belonged here....

Message From: Carrie November 4, 2010
Have had Chuck for a week and a half and its like he belonged here all along! He is such a loving sweet dog, that I can't imagine he might not have been rescued. Thanks Nancy for giving him a loving home while he waited for us!

Message From: Robert and Kate October 19, 2010
In August 2009, we adopted an amazing cocker and we are so grateful for Becky's guidance and assistance. We knew we wanted an older cocker that might otherwise be fostered for a long time. Becky knew of a family that was having to give up their cherished 6 year old black and white parti due to economic and relocation issues. In talking with Becky, she told me how James ( AKA Harley) would stand by the door waiting for his Dad to come back for him. Sight unseen, we knew that this was the dog that our family was meant to adopt. The first time I saw James he came over and sat in my lap as if he knew I was going to become his forever Mom. I tell Becky that she is the angel that created the environment and situation that allowed us to answer the call that God had placed in our hearts. As so often happens when you think you are doing something for another, God shows you the abundant blessings that He has in store for you. James is an absolute joy and delight. Since day one, he made this his home and we couldn't be happier. Becky's assessment of his personality and needs was incredibly insightful and accurate. James had outstanding behavior and lack of "bad" habits from the first week and the bonding process was smooth. He was exactly as we thought he would be from his description on the website. He loves to walk and one of his favorite things to do is greet all of the elderly women in the neighborhood if they are outside. So not only did James add loyalty, companionship and love to our lives but he has shared it with our friends and neighbors. He has been very healthy and we have only needed to do routine Vet care in the last year. His favorite adventures are going for a drive, a long walk, retrieving his ball and watching all the squirrels. He would love to chase them if they didn't immediately run up the nearest tree if they catch sight of him. He enjoys tent camping which has shifted our perspectives on what a "fun" vacation is. When we travel, we try our best to find places and activities that will allow all of us to be involved. We feel extremely grateful to Cocker Nation Rescue of Michigan and its volunteers and supporters. Your efforts are changing canine and human lives.