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7/6/2023 9:45 PM



Foster & Save a Life 

Every day, thousands of pets, including entire litters of puppies and kittens, are euthanized because there cn1asimply is not enough room in the shelter system.  Cocker Nation could help so many more if we had people willing to open their hearts and home to a foster dog.  Most of these animals are at the shelter not because they are bad pets, but because their owners could not keep them for one reason or another.

What do foster parents actually have to do?

Provide A Home Environment - It's pretty simple ... foster moms and dads will bring their foster dog into their home and let them live as a "normal" pet.  While some dogs require a little refresher work on potty training and/or manners, most just need a warm place to lay their head and just want to be loved.  By living in a home as a normal pet, the foster family can learn more about the dogs's personality and help us match the dog to a new person or family that will be best suited for the dog.

Take Foster Dog to the Vet -  Of course, many of the dogs coming to our rescue may require a trip to the vet for shots or a spay/neuter but it would be no different than you taking one of your own pets to the vet except that Cocker Nation will be picking up the tab!  We cover all costs associated with fostering a dog ... vetting, food, grooming, etc.

Aid in the Adoption Screening Process - Foster moms/dads will also be involved in the adoption screening process by reviewing potential adopter applications as well as making themselves available occasionally to meet potential applicants. Because nearly all of our volunteers work full time jobs, these activities are normally conducted on weekends or in the evening hours of a normal work week. 

Complete an Online Volunteer Form by clicking HERE.

Want to Help but Can't Foster?

Organize a Fundraiser- Help out our needy animals by organizing and running a fundraiser or bottle can drive.  Our fosters are all super busy between working their normal 9-5 jobs, caring for their foster/owned pets, along with their normal family commitments so it leaves us very little time to raise the money we need to continue rescuing needy dogs. Some ideas include:

  • Charity Jean Day at Your Office - Many offices conduct weekly or monthly charity jean days - collecting money from employees who'd like to wear jeans.  Our rescue is recognized by the IRS as a Non-Profit Charity which means donations to our rescue are tax deductible!
  • Bottle Can Drive - post flyers in your neighborhood explaining you're collecting for our rescue, along with a day that you'll collect.  Then turn in the bottles at your local store and donate the proceeds to our rescue!

  • Golf Outingorganize a golf outing and round up golfing participants!  We'll help spread the word too!

  • Garage/Yard Sale - Conduct a garage/yard sale and donate the proceeds (one of our foster dogs could even make an appearance)!