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7/6/2023 9:45 PM

Adoption Process

Our goal at Cocker Nation Rescue is the successful placement for our cockers and their potential families.  adoptmeTo ensure they are placed in a loving, the adoption process consists of four main steps:

Complete Adoption Application - Completing an application does not obligate you to adopt but instead gives us the information we need to better understand if your home would be a good fit for the cocker you are interested in.  Once your application has been successfully submitted, a volunteer will email you letting you know we received your application.  Because our volunteers work full time jobs and receive multiple applications, it can sometimes take a few days to receive a response from Cocker Nation.

Vet Reference - If you currently own (or have recently owned) a pet, a Cocker Nation volunteer will contact your vet(s) to confirm your current pets or previous pets have had appropriate health care while you’ve owned them (received required vaccinations, heartworm test/medications, etc).

Home Visit  - Once an application is received and vet references confirmed, a Cocker Nation volunteer will contact you to set up a home visit.  This means a Cocker Nation volunteer will come to your home (keep in mind that due to work/home schedules most home visits are scheduled for weekends).  We do this for several reasons, the biggest reason being that we just want to make sure our foster dogs aren't being placed in a potential harmful situation.  To clarify, our home visits are not to inspect how well you clean your home but rather it’s for Cocker Nation to see your yard, meet your family and any other pets you have currently living in your home.  This way, we do our best to make sure the dog is the perfect fit for the adopter and the adopter is the perfect fit for the dog.  

Meet-N-Greet  - Once the application and home visit have been approved the foster will set up a day/time for you to meet the cocker.

The entire adoption process time varies depending on volunteer/applicant schedules but since our volunteers all work full time jobs the entire process can take some time (we are not a same day adoption agency).  We are often told by people that having to go through this adoption process seems a bit like going overboard but understand that the foster parents have invested lots of time and love into their foster dogs and placing them into a new home is like placing one of our personal dogs into a home so we just want what’s best for them.

If we have received multiple applications for a particular dog, once that dog is officially adopted, all applicants who were not chosen will be contacted. If you were not chosen, it just means the dog was not the right fit for your family. We may have others that may be a better fit for you and we will suggest those dogs. We always are grateful people want to rescue a dog and do our very best to find the right home for each dog that we have. Any questions? Please feel free to contact us anytime at!

If you are interested in adopting one of our cockers:

  1. Go to forms/applications on our site. 

  2. Fill out the adoption form and it will automatically be sent to us.

  3. You will be asked to register and login to fill out any form, to keep spam down.

  4. We will contact you once the application process is completed.