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4/13/2022 6:54 PM

I cannot help but share this story; this is what rescue is truly about.   We welcome any rescue stories and pictures that you may want to share.           



Once or twice in your lifetime you may be fortunate enough to witness or even play a small part in a miracle.  This is Ellie's story.

I was not there that warm June night when a car whizzed by hitting a small brown dog leaving her mangled and unable to move from the side of the road.  A young girl passing by noticed the dog and stopped to help. She picked up the small cocker spaniel and did her best to care for her.  She named her Ellie, and after a day she realized it was going to take more than her concern to save this little girl.  Her last hope was to contact our rescue.  As she dialed the number she could have never dreamed ofthe sequence of events she was starting. 

 I was there when the call came in and I was there when we met the young girl to pick up Ellie.  The next morning my vet x-rayed Ellie, and told me "It is not good".  Ellie suffered a broken leg, a dislocated hip and a fractured pelvis.  It would require specialists and we could expect to pay thousands of dollars for these surgeries.  My heart sank as I realized this was way above my means.  I told the vet the kindest thing I could do for her was to have her euthanized. As my vet heard this decision, something must have touched his heart---- was it her soft brown eyes, or the fact that even though she was in severe pain she never growled or tried to bite anyone, or maybe she reminded him of a dog from his past--- we will never know.   He said,  "let me try to do everything I possibly can for her."   I was so grateful for this opportunity to give Ellie a chance at life,

 After this I waited for several days to hear what was happenning with Ellie.  The call finally came, Ellie had several surgeries.  Her leg was set, her hip had been pinned in place with pins and screws and her pelvis was reparied.   She had also been spayed and a small hernia was repaired.  He did all of this at no cost.

 Two weeks later we brought her home. She had several incisions, but she was happy and excited.  She was restricted to crate rest for the next eight weeks, and she was only allowed to stand for five mintues at a time.  Ellie is now fully recovered and is living happily ever after!  Yes, this is a true story.  We are so grateful to our vet and all who played a part in the unforgettable story of Ellie.